My name is Michael, but everyone calls me Mikey. I’m 54 yrs. old, and currently living in Texas. I have 2 children, I am a grand dad twice over! (feels great!). Like everyone in this world, I too, have gone thru so much in my life. My full story will soon be told in hopes of reaching those that have travelled thru the same horror I have with domestic abuse and its outcome.

I have been programming/java scripting and designing websites for over 30yrs. I got my first lucky break with a Fortune 500 company “USDM” back in 2008. I was a web programmer for the team, my job was a backend web programmer along with google analytics and simple design maintenance. I was blessed to have worked with such talented individuals, I truly learned alot from others around me. My programming skills allowed me to be part of well-known websites such as; Toronto Now, Sevierville, Gatlinburg, Dollywood, Hilton, Emerald Island, Great Mall of America and Atlanta Underground. It’s an honor to have been given a chance to code and program for such well known travel agencies and theme park owners.

I am currently employed with Ysassi & Ysassi Law Firm as an I.T. Tech. I also have a web design company (ProductionQue), I create custom graphics, web programming, print designs, ecommerce and maintenance to all types of businesses.  

I struggle with PTSD, Anxiety and Depression, it takes me to the darkest places ever in my life. Each day I wake up to a different demon from the past. I have been thru Domestic Abuse by living with a jealous partner for 12yrs., I have been mentally and physically beaten but always managed to bounce back on my own. My life has been scared with anger, confusion, and loneliness. Its hard for me to open up to anyone simply because of the lack of trust I have and what placed me in this state-of-mind.

I truly believe my life has hit that “reset” button and I have started  to enjoy life once more!  I keep myself busy with all I have created; the new podcast project (Co-Creating Impact), web designs (ProductionQue) and I.T. work at the law office (Ysassi Law Firm).   …Onward! **

“The splendid thing about falling apart silently... is that you can start over as many times as you like.”

― Sanober Khan, A Thousand Flamingos


…Nicole and I will be travelling all over Texas and maybe further away.  We both have ghost hunting as a passion to the unknown.  We will be setting schedules and posting them on our new site.  More info on this soon!

pssst… this new site will also have info on our new home, our crazed endeavors around Corpus Christi and the surrounding areas, also fast food burger joints, MonkeyButt’s own page (he’s designing it)!  This site will also be giving you a chance to win “an all expense paid trip” to join us on one of our ghost hunts! (We’ll be sure to keep the light on for ya).

We now have the name to our new site!  So this was a tough one until we realized how it all came to be and ultimately, how our future has been set to a brighter focus…. Believe it or not, it was this lil guy “MonkeyButt“! 

This is seen thru his eye’s!  Our beginning, our up’s and down’s, our laughter, our travels, our music, videos, restaurants, family and friends  ….everything!  

Stay tune… a full story will be up on this new site!
(this might land us all in an insane asylum its okay, we’ll still have each other)!

Watch for our full schedule of “Ghost Hunting Tours”  So far Goliad has something to talk about “Presidio La Bahia” Mission is a wonderful place!

Presidio La Bahia, Goliad Tx.

An Introduction is certainly in order here!  Some of you have asked what’s up with the stuffed monkey? Its a long story in which, we will be happy to tell you in our new website.  Lets just say, this lil guy saved both Nicole and I…


To My Close Friends

I would like to personally thank you for standing next to me and helping me get over the hardest part in my life. As time has passed us, we have all kept in touch and have been there for one another, that’s how this world and true friends should always be. We should always have each others back thru the good and bad times. Thank you again for believing in me, for understanding, your patience and most of all… your love!


I love you all…

(I LOVE YOU! – You Have My Heart) – Nicole
(You have inspired me) – KetoMommaMeg
(I’m Holding on To That Pizzaroll) – Kristie Pless
(My Canadian Sister) – Shari
(First Duo Taken From My Vid) – HolisticFox (Lisa)
(Dubai Friend “Much Love”) – “Saloo” Silva Eramel Amparad
(TikTok Sister) – Lori (Its Time Sunshine)
(Ohio Friend) – Jenny From The Block O.H.I.O.
(My TikTok Daughter) – Anna Stringer
(Canadian Friend) – Rhonda Lee “Spiritual Apprentice”
(My Nevada Sister) – Josephine
(Central Texas BuC-ee’S Fan) – Sandie (GenXmess)

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