My name is Michael, but everyone calls me Mikey. I’m 54 yrs. old, and currently living in Texas. I have 2 children, I am a grand dad twice over! (Feels great!)

I have been programming and designing websites for over 30yrs. I first got my lucky break with a Fortune 500 company “USDM” back in 2008. I was a web programmer for the team, my job was a backend code programmer along with google analytics and simple design maintenance. I was blessed to have worked with such talented individuals, I truly learned alot from others around me. My programming skills allowed me to be part of well-known websites such as; Toronto Now, Sevierville, Gatlinburg, Dollywood, Hilton, Emerald Island, Great Mall of America and Atlanta Underground. It’s an honor to have been given a chance to code and program for such well known travel agencies and theme park owners.

I am currently employed with Ysassi & Ysassi Law Firm as an I.T. Tech. I also have a web design company (ProductionQue), I create custom graphics, web programming, print designs, ecommerce and maintenance to all types of businesses.

I struggle with PTSD, Anxiety and Depression, it takes me to the darkest places ever in my life. Each day I wake up to a different demon from the past. I have been thru Domestic Abuse by living with a jealous partner for 12yrs., I have been mentally and physically beaten but always managed to bounce back on my own. My life has been scared with anger, confusion, and loneliness. Its hard for me to open up to anyone simply because of the lack of trust I have and what placed me in this state-of-mind.

I keep asking myself, “How could I have loved so hard, only to have them turn and cause me so much pain in my life”? My heart has been ripped out, and still in the process of placing all those broken pieces back together again. The day I decided to start living for myself and answering to no one, was the day I started living again!


“The splendid thing about falling apart silently... is that you can start over as many times as you like.”

― Sanober Khan, A Thousand Flamingos

Kristie Pless
Much Love Sweetheart! 

** Many have asked …and yes, I’m still married but separated (its just a piece of paper).  I have lost the fight on our 14 yr. marriage.  After 3 yrs of trying to get back to “normal”,  we both just grew apart. Was there even a way to have saved this marriage?  This question along with so many others will never be answered! 

“Yes, you have been there for me from day one!  You have supported me and have stood by me thru the good and bad.  You held me and guided me thru my darkest hours. You have been there when I needed you the most, and overall have been my good friend.  You have always supported me in everyway.  I will never take that away from you.  …Thank you! Overtime with us being apart, that feeling of being “left-out” and simply not being around you took a toll on me.  You will always hold a special place in my heart, not in my life”.

I have learned my lesson, “never be with anyone that places their job before their spouse“.  I truly believe priorities should always be God, children, parents, spouse and everything follows from there!  I will not be with someone that has lost interest in me or has forgotten the simple things in life.  Some people can handle their way up the ladder, others allow it to go to their heads!

I truly believe my life has hit that “reset” button and I have started  to enjoy life once more!   I keep myself busy with all I have created; the new podcast project (Co-Creating Impact), web designs (ProductionQue) and I.T. work at the law office (Ysassi Law Firm).   …Moving on! **

I would like to thank my close friends that I have known on TikTok for some time now. You all have been there for me during my darkest hours.  You guys know me very well.  You are all an inspiration to me.  “When I thought my dreams would never happen, you all pushed me harder then ever before and allowed me to reach my goals in life”.

…I love you all
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